ASG Moldes

ASG Moldes celebrates 50 years at your service!


Interview to Walt Wilsford - Intermolds

" If a man is not honest may not get a good mold intentionally; If he is not competent, can not get a good mold accidentally. So those are the two major valuer that I found in ASG." The declaration of Walt Wilsford about performance is the proof that 50 years of work and dedication have always been and always will be one of the strenghts of our company. Walt is ...

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Interview to Walter Flosi - Monte Líbano

ASG Moldes appreciates to maintain a good relationship with their customers. " Dignity and good prices" are the two values that Walter Flosi recognizes as a great asset of ASG while inserted in Mould Industry.

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Interview to Américo Carvalho - Former Technical Manager of ASG Moldes

Human Resources of ASG Moldes are the basis of it growth as a company. The know-how passed from generation to generation is the key to a great technical knowledge of the company. Américo Carvalho, former technical manager of ASG, speaks in this interview about the importance of company groth.  

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