ASG Moldes

ASG Moldes celebrates 50 years at your service!

About us

The A. Silva, & Godinho C.ª Ltd, was founded in 1964, now occupying a position of prestige and recognition within the Portuguese molds industry and within the global plastics industry.

The constant technological updating, qualification and training of its employees, whose average experience is over 15 years old, their Quality System certified by TÜV since 1998 and according to the NP EN ISO 9001 enables to present themselves today as one of the main references in the mold industry.

The ASG focus on designing and developing new solutions to increase productivity and profitability of existing productive force to respond further to the requirements of customers and be able to ensure continuous improvement and satisfaction.

The continuous investment in all sectors of primary production and an overall concern in the formation of human resources, as well as improving working conditions is another bett of the company.


Has grown over the years always with the aim of meeting the growing market demand and consequent start of exporting to some European countries, in the early 70s.

Initially consisted in four employees and small facilities, currently has 84 employees and 5000 square meters of covered area,having as main strategy the constant investment in productive equipment and the development of its human resources, essential strategy for an improved management and consequent increase in competitiveness.



Develop partnerships with the market and provide to customers with high quality molds that meet the established contractual requirements. Its main objectives are to respond effectively to the challenges of the emergence of new markets and technologies and new customer needs.


Management Policy

Meet the needs and expectations of customers and relevant stakeholders, aiming the improving of productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

To achieve these goals, we are committed to:

  - Provide continuous improvement of our employees;
Use of new technologies and new working methods;
- Train and qualify our work team;
- Prevent rather than detect through risk-based thinking on opportunities;
- Doing things right the first time;
- Involve employees, suppliers and customers in our quality improvement program.












Human Resources: They are the support, the essence and the vital force of the company. The experience, the professional and personal valorization, the relation and co-ordination of the work in team create cohesion, allowing the quality of products and services.


Products and Services: Customers and suppliers are the key elements to our success, with which we always promote relations of mutual benefit, development and continuous improvement.


Business Partners: They are the face of the company. The respect for rules, customer requirements and business integrity guarantee total customer satisfaction.


Capital Reinvestment: Investing properly in equipment modernization, improving internal and external communication, improving working conditions in terms of safety and evironment


With a team of about 80 employees, in wich 15 are specialized designers,over 35 are machine technicians and almost 20 are bench technicians, ASG has how to ensure the quality of molds that produces.